Managing Your Blog

Creating and managing a blog for your business or enterprise is a way of gaining exposure, finding clients, and interacting with your current audience and customers. Here are a few ways you can use to manage your blog:


Get a backup solution

Backups are important for your blog and your business to keep growing. There are tools like VaultPress for your blog. These programs are subscription based and have different pricing and plans. You will be guaranteed real-time backup solutions that are automatic and one click gives you a restore option.


Protection from hackers


Your blog can get hacked or denial of service attacks or malware. Subscriptions like Sucuri offer security and monitoring services. You are provided with immediate alerts in case of any suspicious happenings on your blog. It is important from preventing your blog from malware and detect and do away with them.


Know your audience


Google analytics helps you understand your audience by giving you the statistics you need for this purpose. This software is free and is important for any online business.


Search engine optimization


SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress offer ultimate web optimization on any search engine for WordPress. It has useful features and does away with the need of having to install other different plugins. Installing it is easy and set up too.


Manage the flow of content


Managing a multi-authors wordpress blog is difficult especially if you are unaware of what everyone is handling. Edit Flow allows you to have a smooth editorial flow of work and managing systems on your blog. You can add customized status, leave feedback, view your editorial calendar and execute your workflow with ease.


Design your tables like a pro


Table Press allows you to add beautiful tables to your blog posts and to your pages without including any HTML or CSS. It is easy to use and comes with interesting features such as exporting data, sorting columns and using formulas in the tables.


Check your polls


If you would love to include surveys, quizzes and polls to your blog, Polldaddy will be of great help because it is simple to create the polls and quickly get them embedded in your blog posts. However, you will be required to connect it to the WordPress account.


Are you an affiliate?


Affiliate marketing is becoming a lucrative business if you have a blog. Third affiliates can help you to manage all your affiliate links without it being a difficult task. It acts as a link manager and allows you to add all your affiliate links, URLs, cloak links and auto insert links that are for keywords.


Is your grammar on point?


Your blog post should be fluent, with correct grammar and with a command of authority. After the deadline allows you to cross check your grammar, blog posts and pages while highlighting the spelling mistakes. The style is also checked by this software automatically and allows you to improve your content’s readability.


Run your email campaign like a pro


Outreach plus is important for efficiently running your outreach email campaigns. It allows you to track your prospects easily and all your leads all in one dashboard. Thanks to it, it has automatic replies and email insights.